club chess at Credit Suisse

CS (Zürich) chess club exists since the 1980s and currently has some 40 members.

We organise some internal events and also compete with three teams in inter-company league tournaments:


CS events:

  • CS Championship
  • CS Cup
  • blitz and rapid chess tournament series


Inter-company tournaments:

  • Inter-Company Leagues (Firmenmannschaftmeisterschaft Region Zürich – 5 rounds – long games – 3 leagues) –> CS won the championship more than ten times in about 30 years, incl. 2012, 2013 and 2017
  • Zürich/Schaffhausen rapid tournament
  • Zürich blitz tournament
  • Swiss rapid tournament (club teams from all regions of Switzerland)



Information on current events and championship standings can be found on (inter-company leagues (Zurich region)

We also administrate a group on called Credit Suisse.